The 10 Thoughts Everyone Has Before Fall Break

Fall Break is only hours away. The second you walk out of your last class on Friday, you know that you’re ready for 4 days of perfect class-free relaxation. Are we the only ones who have these 10 thoughts?

  1. Wait, Fall Break is THIS weekend?!
  2. What am I going to do with all this time? Go home? Sleep for 4 days straight?
  3. No, I’m going to be responsible. I’m going to write that paper over the break.
  4. Just kidding.
  5. It’s Fall Break. I’ll worry about homework when I get back.
  6. What’s everybody else doing?
  7. We could see a show. Or go hiking. Or take a walk on the National Mall to see the monuments at night.
  8. Or we could eat pizza and watch Hocus Pocus.
  9. Let’s be honest. I’ll have a great time if I can just sleep in and eat brunch.
  10. No matter what we decide to do, we get a break from classes and that’s a beautiful thing.

How are you spending your Fall Break? Leave a comment and let us know or tweet us at @MU_FYE #mufallbreak.

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